Jeffrey Madrick

Jeff Madrick had been an economics writer and commentator for fifty years. He has written a dozen books, all well-received in major book review sections such as The New York Times, Washington Post and New York Review of Books. About one of his books, Paul Krugman wrote that “Jeff Madrick has clarified my own thinking.”

Madrick’s journalistic career has included stints at Business Week, Money and The New York Times, where he wrote the economic scene column. He is now a regular contributor to The New York Review of Books. His major interests have included economic growth, productivity, public investment, and poverty. His book, The Case for Big Government, won a non-fiction literature prize from Pen America.

He has also been a TV correspondent for WNBC and NBC News. He won an Emmy for reporting and commentary.  

His latest book, Invisible Americans, is about child poverty. It had a significant impact on the federal adoption of the more generous child tax credit. Wrote The Washington Post, “Overall, ‘Invisible Americans’ does an excellent job pulling together and synthesizing the latest research on the dynamics of child poverty in the United States. It is a clarion call to address this most unjust blight upon the American landscape.”

Carol Jenkins

Carol Jenkins is an Emmy-winning journalist, an activist and author.

As President and CEO of the ERA Coalition and the Fund for Women’s Equality, sister organizations dedicated to the adoption of the Equal Rights Amendment she steered the organizations through their legislative, judicial and educational work to advance the constitutional amendment. As lead representative she participated in many speeches, talks, opinion pieces. media appearances, and testified on the ERA before House Committee on Oversight and Reform. With nearly 300 partner organizations representing millions of people across the country,  the ERA Coalition has become a powerful force in the equality movement.  A board member since its inception. she continues to serve there, pursuing the ERA’s publication and implementation.

Carol Jenkins was also founding president of The Women’s Media Center, another national nonprofit, created to increase the representation and participation of women in media. As president, she conceived the Progressive Women’s Voices program that has produced many of our leading activists of today, and testified before the Federal Communications Committee. She is a former chair and current board member of Amref Health Africa USA, an arm of the largest health NGO in Africa, where she is engaged in efforts to support health programs for African women and girls.

As a pioneering African American television reporter, Jenkins was an Emmy winning anchor and correspondent for WNBC TV in New York for nearly 25 years. She reported from the floor of national presidential conventions and internationally, including South Africa for the release of Nelson Mandela from prison.

Ms. Jenkins is co-author of the award winning book Black Titan: A. G. Gaston and the Making of a Black American Millionaire, a biography of her uncle; hosts the three-time NY Emmy-nominated interview program, Black America; and is executive producer, writer and correspondent of its documentaries, including the PBS-aired “More Than a Building, A Dream Come True,” an award-winning film detailing the creation of the new African American Museum in Washington, DC and “Conscience of America: Birmingham’s Fight for Civil Rights,” a special on the Birmingham National Civil Rights Monument, which won a national Telly award.

Gail R. Yancosek

Executive Producer

Gail Yancosek is an Emmy award-winning television producer, writer, and executive with more than 40 years of experience in the development and production of television programming and the management of major broadcast operations.

She has recently retired from the position of Executive Director of CUNY TV, where she oversaw all aspects of running the television station. The City University of New York's television station, CUNY TV, has been educating and informing viewers for more than three decades.

Under her leadership, the station was nominated for a record-breaking 19 Emmy awards this year and won 7, another record. She also led the station through the COVID crises keeping CUNY TV on air remotely, while also continuing to produce new content.

She is the president of Yancosek Communications, and her main work right now is helping people and companies launch their podcasts and get them distributed. In the 1990s, she was Vice President and Executive Producer at Fox 5 NY in charge of the live, early morning broadcast Good Day New York and its related programs. She was responsible for the  daily show’s rank as the #1 morning show in the New York market.

She continued her television work as Executive Producer for a variety of FOX 5 and MY9 broadcast specials, as well as several Food Network specials with Al Roker. She also has 18 years of experience in writing and producing news and documentaries at NBC. Gail earned a BA from Fordham University and has several Emmy™ awards and nominations to her credit.

Elyse Kaftan

Elyse studied Cinema, Media and Women’s Studies at Binghamton University and NYU. She is a video editor with 25+ years of experience who has worked across multiple media platforms.

Sylvester P. Lukasiewicz

Sylvester is a NY-based, Emmy® Award-winning video editor with nearly 20 years of experience in public broadcasting, and creation of arts and non-fiction television content.

Velu Ochoa
Social Media Strategist

Velu is a creator and Social Media Manager passionate about social issues, equality, diversity, and inclusion with over ten years of experience working in the nonprofit and private sectors.

Amy Yoder
Podcast Writer

Amy is a writer and editor specializing in email newsletters, podcast show notes, industry guides, and email newsletters.
She has experience in the health care, political and software sectors.

Bridget St. John
Podcast Musician

Bridget St. John is an English singer-songwriter and guitarist who credits John Martyn and Michael Chapman as her "musical brothers" and mentors. She toured regularly on the British college and festival circuit along with other folk and pop luminaries of the time, such as Nick Drake and David Bowie, among others.

Allie Ennis

Allie Ennis is a junior at Hamilton College with majors in Mathematics and Sociology. With a background in youth-oriented volunteer work, she is deeply passionate about combating childhood poverty and hunger.

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George is a Boston & Bay Area-based freelance designer. He offers web design and development, full-stack (from what a user sees to server management).

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