We thank you so much for joining us here on The Invisible Americans Podcast. Your presence--and support--mean so much to us.

We created this non-profit communications organization to lift up not only the children living in poverty, but the workers, organizations, policymakers and policy implementors who struggle daily to cure this ill. We all want to see the end of child poverty.

Any contribution you are able to make to sustain this effort is much appreciated. Each member of our team is here because they, too, are dedicated to the end of child hunger and deprivation—and work way beyond their "hours."

We are registered as a New York state 501(c)3 non-profit. More about us at NYSCharities.com.

The donations on this page will go towards the podcast, website, and in-person convenings we plan. For other contributions, we suggest checking out endpovertyusa.org for a list of national and state organizations doing good works.

Thanks so much,

Jeff, Carol and the Invisible Americans team

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